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RIKEN Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics Laboratory


国際会議 ICPEAC2019

2019.7.23-30 : フランス・Dauvilleで行われた国際会議ICPEAC2019に参加して研究発表を行いました。
XXXI International Conference on Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC2019)

N. Kimura et al., “Ionization processes of multiply charged barium ions trapped in an electron beam ion trap”

KC. Chartkunchand et al., “Towards investigations of pre-cooled ions stored in the RICE storage ring via action spectroscopy ”

M. Iizawa et al., “Photodetachment of negative ion beams for the ion-neutral merged-beam experiments at RICE”

A. Hirota et al., “Vibrational and rotational cooling dynamics of the triatomic molecular ion N2O+ stored in RICE”

A. Iguchi et al., “Production of cold molecular ions in superfluid helium droplets”

Y. Nakano et al., “Development of a cryogenic ion mobility spectrometer for an isomer-selected photoexcitation and reaction studies”